Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Benefits of Chiropractic for the Elderly - Start Early!

It is not until we get to the ripe old age of - Oh, I don't know, maybe 45 or so, that we realize our bodies are not infallible. It's shocking to us to realize that some of these aches and pains are directly related to injuries that were sustained many years ago in some cases.
But the fact is in our mid 40's we are seeing the result of the human body's slowing down ever so slowly. All the trauma we experienced as a young person is coming back to haunt us!! Frankly I think it sucks! I do NOT need to be reminded by my back of a car accident, a fall on a ski slope or a slip on the stairs to tell me I'm getting on towards the half century mark.
This is the beginning of what many accept as their lot in middle age. How many of us carry around Tylenol, Ibuprofen or Aspirin in the glove box or handbag? (no one in this office!)
It doesn't have to be the case. It really SHOULDN'T  be the case that we treat  pain without finding out and treating the cause.
Without maintaining our bodies, 20 years down the line we could be suffering much more, taking more pain relief, experiencing illness and disease because our immune systems are failing, shuffling around and generally behaving like the elderly - ugh! not a pretty thought.
More and more frequently doctors in the medical profession are suggesting to older patients who suffer with chronic low back pain to seek 'complementary' forms of medical help. As you may have noticed in the press this month, the American Medical Association now recommends Chiropractic care before surgery. 
Take home message is start getting Chiropractic care on a regular basis. As soon as possible would be the second message!
Here are the top reasons why chiropractic care invigorates our bodies especially as we get a little longer in the tooth (providing we still have them that is!)
1) Pain Relief. Yep the big one - the reason most people first visit any health care provider.
2) Increased Range of Motion - Both in the spine and in all extremities. Golfing, picking up grandchildren and gardening are so much easier with greater freedom of movement!
3) Increased Balance and Coordination - Many of these problems in the elderly, for example falling, come from degenerative changes in the cervical area i.e. the neck. Think about it, your nervous system starts in the brain and travels down the spinal column to the rest of your body.
4) Decreased Joint Degeneration - All of our moving parts degenerate over time, but if they are aligned as well as possible by your chiropractor, they are able to maintain motion and are far less likely to stiffen and deteriorate.
5) Increased Health and Well-Being - Many patients say that having an adjustment is like having a kink taken out of their back. They have more energy, they sleep better, they suffer far fewer headaches and generally feel great!
Dr Ian Coulter from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College published a study called 'Chiropractic Care for the Elderly'
44% of the group receiving chiropractic care reported having arthritis
66% in the group NOT having chiropractic care reported having arthritis

Those who had chiropractic care were more likely to partake of strenuous exercise.

At a three year follow-up
5% who had chiropractic care were in nursing homes
48% (!!) of those without chiropractic care lived in nursing homes

Can we conclude Chiropractic care keeps the elderly out of nursing homes?

What we can conclude is that chiropractic care provides amazing benefits and has a proven track record of keeping us all healthy, safely and without side effects!

We owe it to our children as well as to ourselves to stay healthy and active for as long as we can.

Yours in Health
Dr. J B Whitlow