Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Run Down?
I know! Who isn’t at this time of year?

It seems that this season’s super mild spells then freezing winter weather has exacerbated the number of germs out there in the work place.Too much bacteria hanging around….

So it’s true, we do suffer in the short days of winter from sniffles, tickly coughs, headaches and sore throats. That general feeling of being under the weather is all too common at this time of the year.

What is going on to make us feel ‘run down’?

Like a watch the human body is made of many parts, all of which must be meshed together in perfect co-ordination and balance. We use the term ‘run down’ about a watch when it has no more power or battery, when it is no longer working properly. The mainspring in the watch is what dictates the correctness of the time keeping, when it is wonky who knows what the time is?

So, the brain and spinal cord are the mainspring of the body, the spinal column is the conduit.

Any of one of hundreds of daily occurrences can throw the spine off balance, for instance;

working on a computer all day,
stubbing your toe on the sidewalk,
working in your garden or shoveling snow,
working out at the gym.

Now you know what that can do to a body, don’t you guys?

This can create a subluxation.

A subluxation will ruin your day!

A subluxation is when one or more of the bones of your spine (vertebrae) move out of position and create pressure on, or irritate spinal nerves.

Whether you know it or not, whether you have symptoms or not, your subluxation is interfering with the proper workings of your body and interrupting the smooth running of the masterpiece that is your body.

When we are ‘run down’ it is a symptom that, just like a watch not telling us the correct time, we need ‘adjusting’!

Once your distortion has been corrected by your chiropractor, the freedom of nerve impulses will restore your natural ability to fight off any germs, you’ll be restored!

Having a clear nervous system helps us make the very best of our health and it’s maintenance.

I bet you did not know that one of the most common causes of fatigue is an unbalanced nervous system of which the conduit is the spinal column!


When looking at a body from the side, the ear, shoulder, elbow, hip knee and ankle should all be on the same Coronal Plane. This means that if you dropped a plumb line from your ear all the way to the floor the afore mentioned body parts should all be on that string.

When a spine is out of alignment it can throw the head off the central line creating a situation of forward translation. This means that your head is thrust forward; the result is that instead of your head being balanced over the correct support of the neck it now feels as though it weighs much more than a bowling ball!

Imagine carrying a bowling ball around every waking moment….you can see how the body has every right to feel worn down!

It’s not only your head that can be off-center. Your 24 movable vertebrae, sacrum, hips and pelvis also need proper alignment in order to make efficient use of you spine-energy. A tiny degree of off-centeredness could translate into a massive amount of wasted energy over hours, weeks and months!

Energy flows from our brains down the spinal cord through the spinal nerve root and out to the organs, tissues and to every cell in your body.

A healthy spine and nervous system keep our flow of energy balanced.

Even people who suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome have normal amounts of energy in their system. The problem is that the energy is blocked, locked up, unbalanced and therefore not flowing properly.

We eat, we sleep, we drink plenty of water and there is abundant energy within us all the time!

Unfortunately, the natural life energies are blocked, jammed, unbalanced and congested in many people.

If you suffer from fatigue, boredom, tiredness, depression and general lethargy you are in, unfortunately, good company!

Chiropractic care releases the main forms of interference that block our natural life energies. With the proper care to your spine and the removal of neurological interference, the proper flow of energies is unhindered.

I hope that you are able to continue through the rest of the winter that Punxsutawney Phil promised to us, without the general malaise that so often accompanies us in these last weeks of winter.

Good Health is attained through our minds as well as our bodies. Emotional fixations, work problems, relationships, stress, both physical and chemical, all contribute to the picture of health we show to the world.

At least identifying possible areas of problems can then offer solutions.
Visit your chiropractor to see what he can do for your complete picture of health!

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